As Paul has circulated through the film festival circuit, the feedback from teachers has been enthusiastic to say the least!

Beyond the release of the film’s educational package (available September 1st, 2009), The Prom Night in Mississippi Team is gathering a list of teachers/educators/ facilitators who are interested in observing and/or contributing to the development of the film into a rich educational tool. As the film is being released via the traditional channels, the development of a new media project with a goal of engaged, widespread classroom participation on this subject matter is unfolding. The idea is to develop a robust educational tool with the input and feedback from active educators. Longer term goals are to afford students the opportunity to continue the conversations beyond the classroom into a safe, fun, diverse, online environment and experience that empowers change and the healing of prejudice from a future-based perspective.

Please contact us to receive updates on the progress of this new media project. Any feedback you may have (none is absolutely fine) would be well received and integrated into the development process.

We look forward to the unfolding of this very exciting collaborative new media project!

Kind Regards,
The Prom Night in Mississippi Team.