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PROM NIGHT IN MISSISSIPPI is an excellent tool for starting dialogue in classrooms, congregations or activist coalitions.


  • High Schools
  • Corporate Diversity Programs
  • Community Organizations
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Tolerance Training
  • Colleges and Universities:
    • African-American Culture
    • American Studies
    • American Urban Politics
    • Communications
    • Documentary Film
    • Government
    • Human Geography
    • Human Rights
    • Mass Media
    • Media Studies
    • Social Justice
    • Sociology
    • U.S. Civil Rights and Liberties

Feedback from teachers:

"Why did the film have such an impact on my Gr. 12 students? First of all, it caught their attention with well-paced delivery, crisp photography, current music, a recognizable actor, and students who were their age. Although the students in our ethnically-diverse classroom integrate well with each other, they are aware of racial tensions that exist at many degrees of intensity around them that make the extreme case portrayed in your film understandable and meaningful. The film could be related to many of the topics discussed in our Geography class: race relations, heirarchies of authority, components of culture, recognition of opinion and bias, social activism, gender relations, solutions to issues and their consequences--all are applicable. The documentary also left everyone feeling the optimistic hope that change is possible."
– David W. Joiner, St. Andrew's College

"It was the first time all year that everyone in the class participated in the discussion after the film screened. The kids stood up and gave it a standing ovation!"
– Tasha Serba, Lester B Pearson C.I.

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